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Revealing The Hidden Costs:
Reducing the Total Cost of Ownership of Pallets

Read our detailed report on Reducing the Total Cost of Ownership of Pallets in your supply chain


In this comprehensive and insightful report, we:

  • Highlight the hidden costs businesses using pallets face
  • Provide strategies to help mitigate them
  • Explore more sustainable, cost-effective solutions
  • Help you transform your supply chain.


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Find the right pallet for your supply chain

Pallets are a vital component in every supply chain. Traditionally, wooden pallets have been the go-to choice for many businesses, but now that many of them are looking to prioritise hygiene, standardisation, durability, sustainability, and cost-effectiveness, reusable plastic pallets stand out as a far more attractive and credible alternative.  

Focus your time and capital on your core business:
The value of pooling with Tosca

Pooling allows your supply chain assets – such as plastic pallets –
to be owned and managed by Tosca, so that you can focus your capital and time on your core business.


Availability, when and where needed

Tosca’s superior financial scalability and unmatched global network of 55+ depots means consistent asset availability for suppliers and end-users.  


Robust, high quality portfolio

Seven individual product lines from one provider that covers your supply chain from end-to-end. Each long-lasting, durable asset can be reused for years.


Less hassle and headache

Use Tosca pool management software or let us manage your reusable inventory on your behalf, so you never need to place new orders. 


Meet your sustainability goals

Pooling Tosca reusables means lower fossil fuel emissions, less waste and reduced consumption of natural resources, helping achieve your sustainability goals.

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What customers say about Tosca

"For any good journey you need a good partner. Together with Tosca, our customers, and Puratos, [we] came up with that solution which has been a great success and helped us to convert our existing solution towards more sustainable and cost-reduced packaging." — Hélène Flamand, Sustainability Manager, Sourdough & Grains at Puratos
"The strength of our partnership with Tosca enables us to source quality pallets at key times, thus providing us the ability to be adaptable to customer needs and a better partner ourselves." –  Karl Heinz Böke, Head of Logistics at Rubin Mühle GmbH
"Tosca is reliable, accessible, and they operate with incredible transparency! The ability to tailor solutions has helped us reduce storage space, operate a more reliable supply chain, and reduce costs. We only wish Tosca would have approached us sooner." — Birko Boeltzig, General Manager at Hedwigsburger Okermühle GmbH